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Written by Radoslav Dejanović, on 28-03-2008 23:54

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Croatia's initial position regarding fast-tracking OOXML was "Yes, with no comments". After the BRM resolution, NB's were given time to reconsider their vote in the light of new circumstances (namely, changes to original proposition).

The second round of voting was initiated by some Croatian NB members asking for the second round, mainly because there are many changes between initial proposition and the post-BRM changes.

However, that was strongly disputed by Microsoft Croatia, who argued that there's no need for a second round, because it is not a mandatory process, and refused to vote in it, accusing commitee conveners of incompetence.

The second round of voting was held out despite the protest from Microsoft, and here are the results:

Out of 35 members of TO Z1, 17 sent a vote, and there were three votes for, and fourteen against fast-tracking OOXML, which is relative rejection rate of 82%.

Members who voted were individual experts, IBM, CLUG and HrOpen.

However, since there were less than 51% of votes, the voting process was declared invalid, and the previous vote holds.

The second round of voting was just one vote from being valid.

Author's opinion is that public (within the commitee) and loud rejection of second voting round by Microsoft has influenced other members to do the same, so instead of the usual vote of abstain, many of them avoided voting altogether, which enabled Microsoft to force CSI to keep the original vote by rendering the second voting process invalid.

So, Microsoft has won the game by tricking other members into thinking that the second round is invalid, not regular and called upon by incompetent people, resulting in invalidating regular voting process - enough to keep things the way they were.

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1. 01-04-2008 01:56

appeal !
Norway chairman sent a formal complaint to ISO , regarding his NB decision. 
http://tech.slashdot.org/ article.pl?sid=08/03/31/ 200201 
Why don't you do the same? Or ask your government some explanation. 
See what New Zealand national body said regarding its decision to disapprove OOXML: 
http://standards.co.nz/news/ Media+releases/ NZ+maintains+negative+vote+on+ OOXML+Standard.htm
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